Panda Cash Back Personal Shopper (Chrome Extension)

To our team customers everywhere, it is a pleasure for us announce the release of our chrome extension (Panda Cash Back Personal Shopper), it is the single chrome extension out there today that simplify for you the shopping experience.    

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rip black Friday

R.I.P Black Friday Doorbusters

There used to be a time where getting Black Friday Deals door busters were considered a myth, really good deals, few of them, and so many takers. People brought their tents days earlier in front of the store they plan to ...

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TMobile Binge On

T-Mobile Binge On About To FireBack

T-Mobile created a lot of fuzz about their new service Binge ON, hell, it sounded awesome, free streaming, who the hell don’t want free streaming, but T-Mobile Binge On about to fireback in the company face, and here is why ...

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10 Best Tech Gifts 2015

If you are a tech savvy like me, you will get a kick out of these gift ideas, here is out 10 best Tech Gifts in 2015 that will be well received & much appreciated : 10 – Treat Cam: Wi-Fi ...

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why eat organic food

why eat organic food ?

why eat organic food ? Every body knows that organic products are good for health, but also pricey. Personally, I do not spend much money on organic stuff, but I am very careful when I  buy some stuff such as ...

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Lease versus buy

New Car : Lease Versus Buy ? That is the question

Summer is a wonderful time of the year, not only for a vacation, but also to get yourself into a nice smooth high tech car, with so many deals and discounts, you may find yourself tempted to get a new ...

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VIP Membership

Panda Cash Back : VIP Membership & Instant CashBack

As many of our members know already, Panda CashBack has been testing a new feature called “Instant CashBack”, this is a free feature that we added to a New level of Membership called VIP Membership.   VIP Membership: The VIP Membership is ...

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buying a car

Buying a used Car From a dealership Tips

Buying a used Car From a dealership can be a very painful process. After all when you are at a dealer every saleman is actually there to get you. Big mistake that many people do is walking in a dealer ...

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furnishing on a budget

Furniture Buying Tips : Furnishing on a Budget

Furnishing on a Budget might be one of the most tricky things for frugal shoppers. When we think of cheap furniture the things that comes to people mind is usually Ikea or places like WalMart. After all these stores have been ...

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40% off on Longchamp bags!

What is your daily bag? well, the daily bag should be easy-going with any outfits and it should not be heavy like most leather purses. Most handbags are not washable, it would be super-nice if we can wash it up ...

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